fA kindhearted young boy with a strong sense of justice, he returns to Japan at the start of the series only to be arrested by the Bubuki Police while clueless to what a Bubuki is, as he has lived his childhood on Treasure Island full of full-sized Burankis and has never seen one split into its Bubuki parts.

After Kogane rescues him and he meets the other Bubuki-users, he awakens his own Bubuki while trying to protect Righty (Migete-chan.) : Oubu's Heart (王舞の心臓 Ōbu no Shinzō), which he unknowingly had inherited from his mother. As a Heart-user, Azuma is able to awaken and assemble Oubu, as well as act as one with it as its main controller, though as such, when Oubu takes damage, he would also feel the pain, and Oubu's performance also depends on his emotional and physical condition.

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